3D landscape Assets

This is a new Project I’m working on.
They are game assets I’m Creating in Blender.
The purpose of those assets is to build a landscape with the different modules.

You can expect: hills, bridges, tunnels, small buildings, farms, ufo’s, houses, cars, trees, animals,…

All those will be exported to various 3D formats and in the future if I find the time and there is interest I might create Unity game assets from them.

Here is a preview of some tiles:


Build a race track…


…or a bridge…


.. or even a small city




More will follow Soon 🙂

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  1. Hello! These are some amazing tiles you have here, they go together so well and the colour pallet just makes them perfect. I have one question though, could you release the little car in the racetrack example? I am trying to make a free-roam racing game and would like the continuity in models. It’s you’re decision however but would be delighted if you would oblige. Thanks for the awesome tiles!

  2. Hey I’m using these assets to learn unity. These models are so cute and provide a lot of freedom to experiment! Thank you so much for releasing them for free!

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