A new direction

The concept

After years of toying aimlessly in Blender I finally decided to pick up a project.

A friend of mine, Kenney, has been very successful with his business making 2D games and assets.

One day while talking about stuff he worked on we decided that it would be a great idea to translate some of his 2D work to 3D. Since he has no experience in that field I was willing to take that project on.

The preparation
Where to start, was the next question, since he has made an extensive amount of assets for games… and not everything can be made into 3D successfully without breaking the style.
There was a lot to look through so it took some time to decide what was the best possible path to take.
Finally I decided to start with the road assets since they were the easiest design to start with.

The first step
Once in Blender I decided what standards I will follow since everything needs to fit together perfectly to be usable.
The first tile is the one where all the others will be based on. Making a wrong choice here could mean a lot of lost time later on.


there it was… the first tile. mother of all  the others

What began as a road…
the first tile finished I had to complete a road set next.
How many tiles does it take to make all road combinations? I settled on 5: A straight road, a corner, a T junction,  a crossroad and a dead end. I tried them all out and figured that this would be the base for all that follows

Next I had to figure out how to combine the roads with landscape features so you could diversify the looks.
The original tiles from Kenney had water and hills, this is where I started to give my own interpretation on how the tiles should look. Some parts were not working well.  A hill had to be build with a road going uphill and roads on a higher level.
I decided to mix the first version and the remake to end up with more flexibility  and expansion possibilities. The trick was to do this with the least amount of different tiles possible.


After I made those I noticed that some things were missing that were not present in the originals.
A bridge and a tunnel would made the sets complete. that was actually fun to do since I had no previous tiles to base them on. I had to take into account the height of the tunnel and bridge since I would be making vehicles also and they had to fit in and under.


Spread the work…
Seemed the set began to grow in amount of tiles. I decided it was time to release the collection I made.
I discussed this and chose to release my creation as public domain so everyone can use the tiles as they see fit.

The main idea was that sooner or later I would see them popup in games and such. Also I noticed that there were no real building sets to create lowpoly landscapes.
So I released it on opengameart as Landscape Asset v1.
I would  consider this my gift to the lowpoly world 🙂

What now?
But my work was not finished. I justed scratched the surface of possibilities. On a quest to create more I dived in the research of references. Kenney suggested I expand with more water based tiles. Coastlines and rivers made up the expansion of the set.


I soon realized I also needed to expand the bridge I made to accommodate for those new coastlines and river possibilities. I even had a request to make some corners above water.
The more I created the more I had to pay attention that everything still fits together. it was becoming a bigger puzzle with a growing challenge.
The bridge being extended I saw little which needed improvement at the time. So since I made the collection noticeably bigger I decided to release the version 2 of the Landscape set on Opengameart and on Blendswap and let the people know.

I stood back and took a good look at what I had created.  62 unique tiles so far.
People really liked the sets and were asking for more. Cars were the next logical step.

let there be vehicles…
Where to start with vehicles. it must not to be different in look than the tiles.
Some ideas came to mind to keep the vehicles simple… but to have a lot of different kind of them also.
After some time one night I finally  had something I was happy with  which could be used to make different models of cars.


One model, many variations
From this I could almost model every car type I wanted to. Thing I really started doing since a lot of people were asking for vehicles to go with my landscape assets. So I created a normal car, like the one above, a coupe, a station, a minivan, an mpv, a small city car, a bus, some commercial cars, pickup trucks, ,… and the list went on. Since I wanted developers to use my assets to make games… many different kind of games I needed also different kind of cars.


I was not done with those either. more and more ideas came popping in my head about what I could do.
Maybe some police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, …


And why stop there? before I realized I was making different kind of trucks and other funny vehicles that could be used to make games with them.
There was actually no limit since I figured out what style I was going for.


After the trucks came the question: what’s next? Could this be it? Should I make more stuff people could use?… what do they need? I had still some ideas that I had not worked out yet. so I went on with the base model to create even more variations… I even created completely new models just for the fun of it 🙂


The diversity in the models was growing. I need to specialize a bit since there are only so many games possible that you can make with cars.  The order of the day was to begin with some race cars. That idea came to me when I made Ferrari and Lamborghini look-a-like cars in the previous image. I went on the make a group C car and a formula 1 car.

It was time to leave the vehicles for what they were and release the first part on Opengameart and Blendswap. I had to fine tune some others so I could not release everything just yet.
I had to take the next step and concentrate more time in other things that matters for the universe I was creating… buildings.
What good are landscapes and vehicles without buildings?
Also here I had to first try some designs out to see what worked and what doesn’t . I had to make some choices about the sizes of tiles I wanted to use because also here… the proportions had to be right to be consistent with the current style.


A good start don’t you think. All I need to do now is to create variation in the houses so you could build some suburbs… to race through.
More housing, more commercial buildings, more trees, more more more… 🙂
As you can see I’ve come a long way from the first tile I made. and I’m not finished with those either.


Currently I’m working on a city asset where I will have a complete separate set of roads to go with the buildings. skyscrapers and typical city buildings will complete this asset. In this one I will also introduce vegetation, street and traffic lights 🙂


So far the buildings and houses are not yet like I want them to be released but I’m working hard to make that happen.
There are so much more ideas for this low poly universe and I have still a lot of work to do to complete it but more on this later.
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Talk to you soon.

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  1. Impressive! 🙂

  2. Outstanding work! Awesome, and on public domain. Thank you very much man!

  3. harrie

    Very nice!! This looks awesome, it makes me want to spend all my time on game development again!!

  4. Very nice work. I want to follow you on twitter, but all of your twitter links are to tweet a link of the page. Might be worth considering when you update your website next 😉

    • Not sure what you mean Stephen?

      • I think he means: there’s no link to your twitter account anywhere on this website! I went to follow you too, but there’s only those social media buttons that don’t contain any info about your actually twitter handle!

      • thank you, I will take a look at that.

  5. Very inspiring project.

  6. shahzaib

    can you make tutorial how you created this plz plz

    • Hey,

      Making “a” tutorial is a bit dificult since the subject is very very broad also I have not yet refined my worflow.
      If I showed you how I create all this I’m sure you won’t be able to follow since I am very chaotic 😛
      maybe in the future I might make some tutorials on how to make simple things but I cannot guarantee it.


  7. This is just awesome! Keep up the nice work! It’s so great to see these.

  8. ImTheFool

    Great work. And thank you very much. Do you plan on making boats? ;P.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I’m planning on making boats. although that might get some time. I’v never done boats before. are there any kinds in particular I should make?
      If you subcribe to my newsletter you will know when they are coming 🙂

      • Please make boats! 🙂
        Maybe helicopters and or jets? Man vs Monster is a pretty interesting free flash game which is very low poly, but has very cool jet and helicopter designs you could take inspiration of! (The also have boats) 😉

      • I will take a look and see what I can do about boats… but I have a planning I want to follow so It may take some time

  9. This is amazing. You are truly a master of blender. I wish I could make these as well but I don’t get a single thing about the menus in blender. Can you make a tutorial on how to make the simple road tile and maybe the simple car? I would love you even more. Thanks.

    • To call me a master of Blender is exagerated. I know my way around for what I need but I still have a lot to learn. And by a lot I really mean it.
      As for making a tutorial… that wil not happen soon. I nee to refine my worflow first since I’m very chaotic when working in blender. I’m sure you won’t be able to follow along since you don’t get a thing about the menus and such 😉
      I suggest you chec CG cookie out for the blender basics… when done with them Im sure making tiles wont be a problem.

  10. And also, this is my last comment 😉 I promise, you haven’t got out the other cars as well as the buildings. Seems promising!

    • They will be part of a futur release.
      I’m not quite happy yet with everything.
      But you could subscribe to my newsletter, then you’ll know firsthand when it will be released.

  11. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

  12. Hey Racoon, i was wondering how i would go about making seperate items from the wheels from the cars?
    I have no blender experience but if you would know how to easily explain how i could do that i would appreciate that.
    I really like the artstyle of your packs and i’m trying to make some stuff with it.

    Cheers and keep up the good work

    • Hello Kevin,
      The cars are a solid object right now. but the wheels can be separated. explaining it here will take too long but there are tutorials at cgcookie.com which might help you on your way.
      Might be a good exercise for you to begin with blender 😉
      I’m busy with some other packs right now and I have rigged cars in the planning to be used in games. Not sure yet if they’ll bee public domain though since It will take a lot of time for me to create them.
      I hope you can make it work by yourself or you’ll have to wait rigged cars pack.

  13. I love everything simplistic, so this is instantly a win. The flat shading and colorful models hit me right in the heart, awesome job!

    • Thank you for those kind words. I’m happy that my work can evoke those feelings :).
      Hopefully my future work will do the same.

      spread the word! 🙂

      • I will for sure! Also, I came across your assets on opengameart.org and wow, you giving all this out for free is amazing, keep up the awesome work!

      • thank you!
        I love the community and wanted to donate something useful. I’m not finished with this series yet…
        More awesome free stuff is coming.
        You have any plans with them?

        After that though I will create some assets for a donation pack of for sale… since I have to eat also 🙂
        don forget to subscribe for some awesome news before its news;)

      • I might do something with Unity, I’m a big fan of simplicity (Like I already mentioned), so I have quite the motivation to do something.
        If you like you can add me on skype, I’m Munkkeli from Finland

  14. Hey!
    I’d highly recommend you start a YouTube channel. There’s money to be made, if you know what you’re doing. Tutorials are always good, along with showcases. If you need any help, contact me at my email and I can get you a contract so you can make money.

    • thanks for the info. I’m not there yet. maybe I will create a new channel but at the moment I have to much stuff planned. I cannot give a youtube channel the attention it deserves right now.
      I’d like to know more about that “contract” though. leave a message on my contact form for details 😉

  15. Greetings!

    It’s great to see someone with such a passion into game asset creation. I already got some of your and Kenneys assets but didn’t had the time to get yours into a game yet. But I’m sure i will soon and keep you updated about then.

    Best wishes!

    Rev =)

  16. Paul Adams

    Any plans to release these extra vehicles anywhere? I think they all look great 😀

    (If they have been released, can someone point me to where I can get them? Thanks.)

    • eracoon

      Hey Paul,

      I have plans to release them, yes. but now I’m working on some other stuff to release first.
      when the rest of the vehicles will be released it’ll probably be on the Unity asset store and/or the blender market.
      You could subscribe to my newsletter that way you’ll be kept updated on the progress 😉

  17. Hi,

    Great artwork.
    Are you planning to sell the buildings on Unity’s asset store?


    • eracoon

      thank you 🙂
      Yes I’m updating the landscape pack right now so after that I’ll be creating a set containing building and city related stuff.
      These will go on the unity asset store and the blender market.

  18. Great!

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