buildings assets

It has been a long wait... but finally some major progress has been made.
during my last Wednesday stream I created a massive amount of buildings to be used in games or lowpoly renders.
In addition to previously created 20 houses I've added more than 40 new buildings to my collection. these are built up modular so the possibilities for creating cities are endless. The pack is not finished yet though. I need to finetune some buildings and create some extra modular things to accessorize the city like trees, dumpsters,  benches, bushes, hedges, traffic lights...
In the pack I will be adding office buildings, small and big... with funky simple geometric logo's
You; ll also find a diverse assortment of commercial and functional utilitarian things like for example... an electric vehicle charging station đŸ™‚
Or a Mechanic shop to repair all the vehicle driving around in the city.

even items to create some relaxing environment to get a more peaceful setting

In the end... it will be possible to create whole cities with diverse buildings but consistent in styling.

This is only the beginning so please make sure to follow me on the social medias to get updates about this. I will post more info as I progress.
Let me know what you think in the comments below and share to people you think might find this interesting

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