Vintage speedy cars

Some time ago I was contracted by Playwe.st to create low poly car models for an upcoming game. They asked me if I could create 10 underdog vintage speedy cars mixed with my low-poly style. Except for very low poly cars I never really tried to re-create a real car before. I knew that it […]

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Pursuit Special

In my Monday stream I created the car from the 1981 movie Mad Max 2. The car is a Ford XB Falcon GT351 Pursuit special. Its a modified version of the first movie model. During my stream I tried to create the car as fast as I can so I could spent more time finding out […]

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Lotus Esprit submarine

During my monday stream I made the car James bond uses in the Movie "The Spy who loved me". The car is a white 1976 Lotus Esprit S1. It could transform in a submarine vehicle when submerged. During the stream I created 2 versions of the car. The road version and the submersible. I also wanted […]

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R2-D2 Modeling Monday

This week's model is R2-D2, a fictional Droid in the Starwars franchise. First seen in episode IV: A new Hope released in 1977. the Astromech droid was present in many events during the movies acompanying the movie's heroes saving the day on many occasions. During my stream I learned some new techniques which I will implement […]

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TIE Interceptor - Modeling Monday

Another Monday... another #twitch stream finished with succes. I had a poll on twitter as every week. this week the TIE interceptor from Starwars and Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit were.. TIEd I decide to make the TIE afterall. First appearing the Movie StarWars episode 6: return of the Jedi, the TIE interceptor is a […]

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buildings assets

It has been a long wait... but finally some major progress has been made. during my last Wednesday stream I created a massive amount of buildings to be used in games or lowpoly renders. In addition to previously created 20 houses I've added more than 40 new buildings to my collection. these are built up […]

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