Mutterschiff 3D concept

Last year I was asked if I would be interested in being part of a new to be founded makerspace. Obviously I said yes since there was no Makerspace in the region where I live. In following January we visited some makerlabs in Innsbruck... and after some further meetings it really started to get momentum. The […]

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TIE Interceptor - Modeling Monday

Another Monday... another #twitch stream finished with succes. I had a poll on twitter as every week. this week the TIE interceptor from Starwars and Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit were.. TIEd I decide to make the TIE afterall. First appearing the Movie StarWars episode 6: return of the Jedi, the TIE interceptor is a […]

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Science equipment - wednesday streams

Following up on my first Monday stream I wanted to just do some speed modelling. I didn't think beforehand about the theme so I just started. The first object I created was a microscope... since the theme was set I continued to create more science equipment. You can download the microscope to play around with […]

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First car rig

So finally. I took the courage to try a rigged car. I had to do this sometime anyway since I got a lot of requests to have the wheels separated on my previous vehicles Assets. But I thought, maybe I could push it a little further... Do something more than just separate the wheels. Where to […]

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3D landscape Assets

This is a small Project I'm working on.
They are game assets I'm Creating in Blender.
You can download the at http://opengameart.org/content/landscape-asset-v1

The purpose of those assets is to build a landscape with the different modules.

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FarmGame concept

Graphics concept for a farming game I'm working on with Gamefoqus.
The idea is to manage a garden with fruit and vegetables using ...

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