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R2-D2 Modeling Monday

This week’s model is R2-D2, a fictional Droid in the Starwars franchise. First seen in episode IV: A new Hope released in 1977. the Astromech droid was present in…

TIE Interceptor – Modeling Monday

Another Monday… another #twitch stream finished with succes. I had a poll on twitter as every week. this week the TIE interceptor from Starwars and Johnny 5 from the…

ED-209 Modeling Monday

Another Monday… another model. The community has chosen ED-209 as the model to be made this week. From the 1987 movie Robocop. Enforcement Droid series 209 or ED-209…

buildings assets

It has been a long wait… but finally some major progress has been made. during my last Wednesday stream I created a massive amount of buildings to be…

Y-Wing – Modeling Monday

The Y-wing starship was chosen as this week’s theme. For the first time I let the community decide what I make during my stream. this model was chosen by…

Aptus Packaging

Packaging I created for the products of Aptus… in 3D

FarmGame concept

Graphics concept for a farming game I’m working on with Gamefoqus.
The idea is to manage a garden with fruit and vegetables using …

Chalet Update

Made some improvements on the chalet I made earlier after learning some tricks in the architecture academy.

My desk

This is a 3d model of my desk made in Blender.
Its where the magic gets born.