Pursuit Special

In my Monday stream I created the car from the 1981 movie Mad Max 2. The car is a Ford XB Falcon GT351 Pursuit special. Its a modified version of the first movie model. During my stream I tried to create the car as fast as I can so I could spent more time finding out […]

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from virtual to physical

Recently I finally finished building my 3D printer... exciting times ahead since now I can make all my creations and other handy stuff come into the real world. Having a 3D printer was something I wanted since I first saw the RepRap Darwin so many years ago. And now I entered the age of personal 3D printing. […]

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Monstertruck playland

Some time ago I was approached by a game developer that had used some of my assets in a game he made. We started discussing it and decided to make something together.  

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Some Visualizations

Its been a while but I have been doing some others things: Enjoy these renders I made in Blender. except for some textures... all models are fully 3D 🙂   My first try at interiors... ... and an update on my chalet I made some time ago... this time in a summer setting... Please let […]

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