TIE Interceptor - Modeling Monday

Another Monday... another #twitch stream finished with succes. I had a poll on twitter as every week. this week the TIE interceptor from Starwars and Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit were.. TIEd I decide to make the TIE afterall. First appearing the Movie StarWars episode 6: return of the Jedi, the TIE interceptor is a […]

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ED-209 Modeling Monday

Another Monday... another model. The community has chosen ED-209 as the model to be made this week. From the 1987 movie Robocop. Enforcement Droid series 209 or ED-209 for short is series of law enforcement droids built by the Omni Consumer Products corporation. The prototype of ED-209 malfunctioned dramatically during its first presentation killing a junior […]

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buildings assets

It has been a long wait... but finally some major progress has been made. during my last Wednesday stream I created a massive amount of buildings to be used in games or lowpoly renders. In addition to previously created 20 houses I've added more than 40 new buildings to my collection. these are built up […]

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Y-Wing - Modeling Monday

The Y-wing starship was chosen as this week's theme. For the first time I let the community decide what I make during my stream. this model was chosen by 50% of the voters. BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighter. A fighter/bomber built by Koensayr Manufacturing was used by the rebels in the battle in which the first Deathstar got […]

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Tron - Modeling Monday

Greetings Programs! Tron was the theme of this week' Modeling monday on Twitch. I based the models on the lightcycles as seen in the lightcycle battle showed in the classic 1982 Disney movie Tron. I first saw the movie as a kid and was baffled about the visuals. It was also the first movie to […]

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Pirate things - whatever wednesday

Arrr! I created me some #pirate #gameart assets. At least that is what it has become. On this Wednesday' stream on #twitch I actually started out making houses and building to complete an architecture asset pack I had laying around... it quickly turned into a different theme. Viewers on the channel suggested models I could […]

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