First car rig

So finally. I took the courage to try a rigged car. I had to do this sometime anyway since I got a lot of requests to have the wheels separated on my previous vehicles Assets. But I thought, maybe I could push it a little further... Do something more than just separate the wheels. Where to […]

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Some announcement

Since my last post I've created a large amount of new models and I was playing with the idea to put them in a donation pack. The reason for this is that creating all those assets take a huge portion of my time and so far I have giving away for free. It's time though […]

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A new direction

The concept After years of toying aimlessly in Blender I finally decided to pick up a project. A friend of mine, Kenney, has been very successful with his business making 2D games and assets. One day while talking about stuff he worked on we decided that it would be a great idea to translate some […]

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3D landscape Assets

This is a small Project I'm working on.
They are game assets I'm Creating in Blender.
You can download the at http://opengameart.org/content/landscape-asset-v1

The purpose of those assets is to build a landscape with the different modules.

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Aptus Packaging

Packaging I created for the products of Aptus... in 3D

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FarmGame concept

Graphics concept for a farming game I'm working on with Gamefoqus.
The idea is to manage a garden with fruit and vegetables using ...

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