ED-209 Modeling Monday

Another Monday... another model.
The community has chosen ED-209 as the model to be made this week.
From the 1987 movie Robocop. Enforcement Droid series 209 or ED-209 for short is series of law enforcement droids built by the Omni Consumer Products corporation. The prototype of ED-209 malfunctioned dramatically during its first presentation killing a junior executive in the process. After struggling to regain control over the droid. The ED-209 project got put on hold and the Robocop program was green-lit instead.

ED-209 is armed with 3 automatic cannons, 2 on the left arm and 1 on the right. the right arm also has an auto- shotgun and 3 rockets. Itś also capable to to simulate human voice for law-enforcement duty.

During my stream I started with blueprints found online for the basic shape and work my way around with reference photographs. This models has its own sets of difficulty. Since it a robot... it has to be animated... so I has to take a lot of things into account. like the axis of orientation and separation of parts.

There are video references on youtube showing how everything moves. that made it easier to create the separate sections and to make sure they could be animated properly. Since it a hard surface animation the normal character animation technique would not really suffice. I'll need to apply some animation technique I applied in my rigged car setup.

This model is far from finished. a lot of polishing of the mesh has to be done. the lack of good reference images of all angles made it hard to see all the details.
The idea is to have this model a bit more detailed and fully animated.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, share this post and make sure to check in during my next Twitch Stream 🙂

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