from virtual to physical

Recently I finally finished building my 3D printer... exciting times ahead since now I can make all my creations and other handy stuff come into the real world.
Having a 3D printer was something I wanted since I first saw the RepRap Darwin so many years ago.

And now I entered the age of personal 3D printing. I guess its a logical next step for a 3D modeler.

First let me show you my first 3D printer


I bought that one in june last year somewhere... and although it only took 2 evening to build it up... which was an immense fun to do, there were some parts that had gone broken during transport or that were of bad quality.  I was kinda unable to fix the problem on the spot so I had to be patient. Patience turned into months and finally after ordering some parts in China I was able to finish the printer and start the calibration process.

Calibrating the printer can be hard... finding the right documentation that applies to my printer also. But I managed to make it print.
The first print was a magical moment... I never had something I created on screen been materialized in the real world. What an amazing technology!

The mandatory things to print are off course calibration things to check that the printer can replicate real measurements. I noticed that the extruder delivred with the printer was not really of good quality. So I searched for a replacement on thingiverse can came across a design I liked... and modified to my needs.

I noticed a massive improvement in print quality after I installed the new extruder. I didn't knew it would make such a big difference.

I needed to test the difference in print quality so I compared my previously printed calibration cubes with one printed with the new extruder.
IMG_4583The cube on the left is the very first object I printed. the middle one I printed after some tweaking with temperature and speed settings... and finally the one on the right is with the new extruder and further finetuning speed and temperature. The difference in quality is enormous.

Now that the printer works I can print some more fun things. So I went on and printed some figurines I found on Thingiverse: Found some vector Budha, a Horga'hn figurine and a Moai statue. I even went and print useful stuff like... a holder for my SD cards that lay around my desk:

But... having a 3D printer is not just about printing stuff I find online... since I know my way around blender I can almost create everything I want 🙂
Since my desk is kind of a mess I needed to have something to put all my pencils and pens and other thingies and test my workflow from idea to final product.

IMG_4569 IMG_4562
that looks awesome but there is still work to be done. The ultimate goal is to print big things since at the moment... the print area is kinda small.

So this was a small update... feel free to comment and make sure to check back often for more updates. 🙂

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