Landscape Extended Assets

Recently I finished expanding my landscape assets.
I took the 2.1 version I had posted on Blendswap and I made a lot of extra tiles for it. The set went from 64 to 105 tiles!
Some people had told me there were small errors in a couple of meshes so I took the opportunity to correct those.


So what exactly has been changed? I noticed that a lot of combinations were not possible.
Therefore I created a couple of landscapes to see what exactly I was missing.


First I incorporated some changes in the existing tiles with the feedback I received from a couple of users.
When creating long bridges they look odd since they seem to float. I created some pillars for the bridge elements to break that illusion.

I had created a basic tunnel before but I needed a bit more variation. Since I live in a mountainous country, I have a lot of examples how roads and hills can be combined.
Next you see a road cut through a small hill and a half tunnel following the contour of a hill.


road_tunnelAfter those I created some variations for the coast lines and cliffs. You can't have enough of those, right.

As you might have noticed I also changed how the water looks. Before the change the water was just an opaque blue color without the illusion of depth.
Now I have separated the mesh from the ground, gave the water a separate material with transparency and added a bottom so you so you can see through.
Here s a small Island to show the water in action.



I also made some small waterfall tiles just in case someone might need one and added some decorations like trees and rocks



Finally I made some renders with different possibilities:
Different sizes of rivers


And complex road structures

roads2 tunnel_road_cut tunnel_road_lake
All those changes make part of the "Landscape Extended Assets" which are for sale at the different online market places like the unity asset store, blendermarket

I thank you for your purchase in advance 🙂
In the mean time enjoy this final render.


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