Lotus Esprit submarine

During my monday stream I made the car James bond uses in the Movie "The Spy who loved me".
The car is a white 1976 Lotus Esprit S1. It could transform in a submarine vehicle when submerged.

During the stream I created 2 versions of the car. The road version and the submersible. I also wanted to do a bit more that what I normally do.

In all my previous streams I only made a model without anything more. This time I create the vehicles to be animated in both versions.

To do that I made a constraint system the controls the wheels and the rudders
That way is someone want to animated it it can be done 🙂
For the car the wheels could turn left and right... and in submarine mode all the rudders are rigged. Thus far you can pitch and roll the submarine.

Aside of the constraint systems and both versions of the car... I also made a small submarine landscape to show of the car in submersible mode.

I learned a lot of new things in this session. techniques I will be using in future streams and models. Make sure to join me the next time I'm Live on Twitch.
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