Some time ago I was approached by a game developer that had used some of my assets in a game he made. We started discussing it and decided to make something together.  It would be a game where you can free roam on a landscape and race other cars in challenges.

The landscape tiles I made previously were not suited so I challenged myself to create a complete landscape in lowpoly… something I never did before.
It had to contain different roads to drive on, a track and some hidden challenges. The most important part though: it has to be mobile optimized.
I tried to keep the mesh as lowpoly as possible without sacrificing the appealing aesthetic of the landscape.  I started trying some never before used techniques in blender to accomplish this goal. Creating a high poly landscape to get the general form and start reducing till I was happy with the results. At the end I manage to reduce to around 4000 triangles.

Aside from that I also started working on the vehicle to be used in this project.
To get me started I used an existing pickup truck model I made some months ago and modified it to the needs of the project. After some testing we decided to add a couple of different vehicle styles.
Since we wanted to customize the vehicles I also created different wheels to be used to diversify the looks.