Mutterschiff 3D concept

Last year I was asked if I would be interested in being part of a new to be founded makerspace. Obviously I said yes since there was no Makerspace in the region where I live. In following January we visited some makerlabs in Innsbruck... and after some further meetings it really started to get momentum.
The name was born... and it was suggested that I create a model since I can do 3D modeling.
I finally came around it during my livestream on wednesday after I collected some ideas and suggestions from friends.
It's called the MS-6850 Mutterschiff.  A ship based of a zeppelin and heavily modified with DIY maker upgrades.

The concept is based of a 2D low detailed sketch with very few details. During My stream I created an interpretation of that sketch and mad this far mode detailed 3D version. I also incorporated some electronics boards... or at leat lowpoly version of them. since at the makerlab we will be doing things with wireless networks like wifi an Lora I made a big antenna and some satellite dishes so the ship could communicate

As a main control board the ship has a Raspberry pi where all the parts are connected to. I used curves a bit more than usual to make all the cables on the ship. that actually took the most time to create but I think the result looks awesome. I also took into consideration that this model need to be build as a scaled model eventually.

So... in the end to physically build the model we will use different techniques with the machines available in the makerlab like a lasercutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter and an assortiment of electronics.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. also check out my stream every monday and wednesday on Twitch for possible updates 🙂


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