Pursuit Special

In my Monday stream I created the car from the 1981 movie Mad Max 2. The car is a Ford XB Falcon GT351 Pursuit special. Its a modified version of the first movie model.

During my stream I tried to create the car as fast as I can so I could spent more time finding out how to do texturing. this car was very dusty in the movie since it had been driving around in the desolate desert landscape a lot.

First I needed to unwrap the UV so I could use texture painting. That way I could paint where the dust on the car would appear.

The cool part is that I used no image texture on this model... al the materials on the car are procedural and created in Blender. I used multiple UV maps so I could add details on every part of the vehicle.

I'm very pleased with the result... this was actually my first attempt at texturing a model. Let me know what you think in the comments below. share and join me on my next stream every monday on Twitch

Have a great day 🙂

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