R2-D2 Modeling Monday

This week's model is R2-D2, a fictional Droid in the Starwars franchise.
First seen in episode IV: A new Hope released in 1977. the Astromech droid was present in many events during the movies acompanying the movie's heroes saving the day on many occasions.

During my stream I learned some new techniques which I will implement more often in the upcoming sessions. Thing I learned are texturing and more advanced node setups in blender to achieve more flexible procedural textures.

This model was also the first one where I could combine all the technique I learned in previous streams. Knowing all those techniques enabled me to plan better how to do things 🙂 I would not be able to achieve this in such a short time without my previous streams.

The model is not finished yet... but I made it a habbit to post my result of the day anyhow. I will update this page when I have new images or info 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below and make sure to join me on my next streams !

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