Science equipment - wednesday streams

Following up on my first Monday stream I wanted to just do some speed modelling. I didn't think beforehand about the theme so I just started. The first object I created was a microscope... since the theme was set I continued to create more science equipment.
You can download the microscope to play around with it in blender if you'd like.

test tubes and centrifuge

The second object was a centrifuge... which required to have test-tubes. Once the test-tubes were finished I made some more glassware.

magnetic stirrer and glassware
Aside from that, I made a scientific scale, a stirrer and on request of some viewers, I also made a notebook, radio... and for some reason a Rubik's cube 😀
That cube was actually the most challenging since there is a real logic in making that.

notebook and radio

Let me know what you think in the comment below and feel free to share.
If you want to catch me streaming check out my channel on Twitch for the schedule.

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