Tron - Modeling Monday

Greetings Programs! Tron was the theme of this week' Modeling monday on Twitch. I based the models on the lightcycles as seen in the lightcycle battle showed in the classic 1982 Disney movie Tron.
I first saw the movie as a kid and was baffled about the visuals. It was also the first movie to be created with 3D computer graphics. I really liked the simple geometric shapes mixed with the cool light effect.
#tron #lightcycle #blender #movies #twitch

In my stream I created 2 vehicles. The light cycle and the recognizer.
Finding good reference material was actually not that easy this time. Altough I found a blueprint for the lightcycle. finding one for the recognizer was very difficult. as you can see tho I managed to get the model right.
later this week I might create the tank from the movie also ... So keep an eye on this post 😉
 Let me know what you think in the comments below and I hope to see you in the next stream on twitch.

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