Vintage speedy cars

Some time ago I was contracted by to create low poly car models for an upcoming game.
They asked me if I could create 10 underdog vintage speedy cars mixed with my low-poly style. Except for very low poly cars I never really tried to re-create a real car before. I knew that it would be challenging...


So the first Car I had to create was an Opel Ascona. The reason was that my contact at Playwest has one of those and really wanted one in the game.
It had to get a speedy look so it was based on a performance version of the car.

It took some time to find the right balance between real looking and a cube with wheels underneath. Getting started is the hardest part! But in the end, the client was very pleased with the result.
Armed with that information I took on the second car.  A Mini.
that car was a bit more tricky to do since it has curves.
A vintage look with curves was a challenge to get right.


Making sure the car remained low poly and still be recognized as a mini was challenging. I'll let you judge for yourself if I cached the essence of the car.

Monte Carlo

Every car has its characteristic features and having access to a lot of reference material is crucial to have the final model look like the real thing but still have its distinguished low poly style.

Lotus Carlton

The Lotus Carlton is a vintage speedy car that was unknown to me before I started the project. I was surprised about this one since it seemed to be the fastest road-legal production car of that time. Talking about a speedy vintage car... this might've been the king 🙂
I knew about the Opel Omega of that period but did not know that Lotus made it a lot crazier. This car is a rear-wheel drive powerhouse sporting a 3,6L engine. A sports saloon with a top speed of 285km/h and supercar acceleration. which for that time period was unheard of... and I made a low poly version of it 🙂

Vauxhall Cavalier Mk II Calibre

One of my favourite vintage speedy car... maybe because I owned something kinda similar as design. The part I like the most about this car is the squarish forms and its simplicity. Vintage at it's best!

Metro 6R4

The Metro 6R4 is a weird vintage speedy car... I never heard of this one before. although I had seen it some year in the past when I watched Rally racing on TV.  Like every car, I did some research about its history.  The great part is that this version of the car was hard to beat in its category. It has a 3-litre V6 engine... which is a massive upgrade from the original car. That is speedy even when standing still.

Jaguar XJ220

This vintage speedy car was not easy to make. It consists mostly of curves, is very long and low. Never really liked the car in the past... but by making it in 3d it kinda grew on me since I had the opportunity to appreciate its curves and flow.

Opel Manta Group B

Another classic from the past. The Manta has always been interesting. A family member of mine has such a car and take great care of it. I was very happy I could make one for the game 🙂 made it in a vintage speedy car rally form.

Opel GT

Another classic vintage speedy car from the German brand. I had to look this one up since I had never seen one before. The forms of the car are interesting. It's not really my thing tho, but I had fun making it anyway.

Ford Capri

The Capri is another good looking vintage speedy car from the 80's
this was the last car I made... and one I was looking forward to model.

The project finished successfully and a game is in the works.
In the coming months, I'll be working on some other project for playwest to make even more models. aside from that, I think I'will do some new cars'rigs based on vintage models like these mixed with the things I learned in my first car rig.
More details will follow later.
In the meantime let me know what you think in the comments below.

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