The X-wing… one of the most iconic spaceships around.  this is the ship I’ve been making during my monday stream this week.
The T-65B X-wing made by the Incom Coorporation is a heavily armed starfighter designed for airspace superiority. Each wingtip has a laser Cannon and the ship is also armed with 2 proton torpedo’s.
A squadron of X-wings was able to defeat the first Deathstar by using a weak spot in the Deathstar’s design.

During my stream I used tried a different approach this time.
Instead of making all the details I decided to textures the ship instead.
I wanted to try some weathering to make it looked used.

I also had the opportunity to do some greebling… small mechanical and machine parts on the ship to give it some depth and complexity. that actually one of the things I prefer to do… but I must admit that I found a new love for texturing also 🙂

The model itself was actually quickly finished… texturing too most of the time to get the final result. This model is actually the second time I use texturing intensively during the stream. I learned some new tricks and am very happy with Blender being such a versatile program.

I used a compliment of different techniques I learned during the past weeks like movement constraints for the animated wings, texturing and node setups.
In general I notice a clear improvement of my skills in the last 3 months that I started streaming.
I hop you like it… Feel free to post your comments below and join me the next time I’m streaming on Twitch 🙂