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General Lee – modeling monday

Behold… the result of the first weekly iconic vehicles stream on @twitch. This week’s theme was the General Lee.  A 1969 Dodge charger from the series “the Dukes…

from virtual to physical

Recently I finally finished building my 3D printer… exciting times ahead since now I can make all my creations and other handy stuff come into the real world….

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Monstertruck playland

Some time ago I was approached by a game developer that had used some of my assets in a game he made. We started discussing it and decided…

Some Visualizations

Its been a while but I have been doing some others things: Enjoy these renders I made in Blender. except for some textures… all models are fully 3D…

Landscape Extended Assets

Recently I finished expanding my landscape assets. I took the 2.1 version I had posted on Blendswap and I made a lot of extra tiles for it. The…

First car rig

So finally. I took the courage to try a rigged car. I had to do this sometime anyway since I got a lot of requests to have the…

Some announcement

Since my last post I’ve created a large amount of new models and I was playing with the idea to put them in a donation pack. The reason…

A new direction

The concept After years of toying aimlessly in Blender I finally decided to pick up a project. A friend of mine, Kenney, has been very successful with his…

3D landscape Assets

This is a small Project I’m working on.
They are game assets I’m Creating in Blender.
You can download the at

The purpose of those assets is to build a landscape with the different modules.

Aptus Packaging

Packaging I created for the products of Aptus… in 3D